Stage Sets

WEB CITRUS SETCitrus theme meeting showing stage set detail and 3D mapping, California location.WEB CALI STAGE

Streets of California theme meeting showing stage set for special guest Don Felder.

WEB AGENTS 2 STAGEAgents of Change Stage Set, Chicago location.

WEB MAGIC SETMagic of the Moment Theme Boca Raton, FLWEB BOCA STAGE

Stage set, Boca Raton, FL

WEB DETAIL WHITE HATBlue Hat Night Theme Boca Raton, FL

WEB WHITE HAT3Blue Hat Night Theme Boca Raton, FL

CSI_WebCSI Full Throttle Stage Set, Minneapolis, MN

csi podium_WebCSI Full Throttle Stage Set, Close-up Custom Podium

WEB CIGNA STAGE DETAILOld West Theme, Cigna National Sales Meeting Camel Back Resort, AZ

set_ameriprise_Ameriprise Studio Set

bringnewsweb_ct_Stage Set for BringMeTheNews, Governor’s Debate, Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

seawe2_ct_Stage set, Under the Sea Theme, San Diego, CA

tutcatch_ copyScenic Painting Detail of King Tut, Night at the Museum Theme, Washington DC

stage_car_Route 66 Themed Stage Set

rescapB for web_Stage Set for RESCAP at Minneapolis Convention Center

suzyOweb_ct_Studio Set, TPT, Suze Orman–The Money Class

abecloseup web_Detail of Scenic Painting on Stage Set

80sbb for web_Crazy 80s Themed Stage Set

zenstageset_Stage Set National Sales Meeting, San Diego, CA